Residents of Round Lake are becoming familiar with Grayslake Window Replacement more and more each day. We receive phone calls from all over Lake County on a regular basis and many of those calls come from Round Lake.

     When you are looking to replace old, tired and worn out original window units we have the solution that is right for you. Perhaps you have tried to repair or replace your windows in the past and have discovered the value of hiring a true professional for the task. Our craftsmen have decades of window replacement experience and will be familiar with your current styles as well as options for improvement.

     There are really two issues in play when considering replacing windows. The first, and most obvious advantage to replacing windows is the esthetic appeal. Your home may still have the “builder’s grade” windows in place and the time has come for stepping up to a more custom oriented option. Any realtor will agree that the appearance of your windows will affect the value of your home either negatively or positively.

     The second advantage gained when aging windows are replaced with a more modern material and construction option is energy efficiency. Recent environmental studies have pointed to poor weatherproofing and sub-par installation as to the culprit in 40% of the energy loss for the average home. The homes of Round Lake would not be an exception here. The wide range of temperatures seen between harsh winters and blistering summers can take their toll on even the best windows. Only the most advanced manufacturing and professional installation methods will yield the type of energy savings you are hoping to realize. For Round Lake residents, only Grayslake Window Replacement can offer you the type of savings on your energy bill that will make a difference.

     We offer an absolutely FREE “no-obligation” estimate for any of our services. Whether you simply want an appraisal of your current windows or you already know you have replacement needs, give us a call. Our team will gather info and start the process of getting our craftsmen over to your house to inspect your current situation and provide solutions.

     When you call, be sure to ask about our seasonal specials. We want to assist the citizens of Round Lake in stretching their dollars to provide the best possible products at the most affordable prices. Give us a ring today!

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