There has never been a better time for residents of the Village of Mundelein to purchase replacement windows from Grayslake Window Replacement. We serve communities all over Lake County and beyond. Every homeowner desires to enhance the look of their home and save money on their utility bills. Lucky for you, that is exactly what we do!

     In a survey of realtors in the greater Chicago area, it was revealed that the first two structural elements new buyers assess when looking at a new home from the street is the driveway and the windows. We can’t help you with your driveway issues, but we can guarantee you we have the solutions to your window needs. Mundelein residents have absolutely no reason to have ugly windows!

     Whether your home features Bay Windows, Casement Windows or Sliding Windows we can help you beautify your most valuable asset, your home. Maybe your home has Patio Doors or Custom Made Windows, regardless we have the experience to advise your best move forward to upgrade your window options. Our team of highly skilled craftsmen are standing by to provide expert advice and craft a plan for improving your home’s window treatments.

     For the residents of Mundelein, we are just a phone call away! We are local and waiting for the opportunity to share our expertise with you. Please call our helpful customer service representatives and schedule a “no obligation” on site visit with one of our technicians. After evaluating your present windows and inspecting them for wear and weatherproofing, our team will help you navigate the options available to you.

     At Grayslake Window Replacement we will guide you through the process of determining when a window should be repaired as opposed to replacing it. If a window is failing to keep the outside weather at bay or “leaking” your interior heating or cooling to the outside, it is likely the entire window unit may need to be replaced. We can weatherproof existing windows with some success but often the issue lies deeper than just what some caulking can solve.

     Give us a call and let us assist you with your window needs. Mundelein residents are a high priority for us and we make every effort to quickly respond to your inquiries. Our customer service staff will gather basic info from you and schedule one of our technicians to come see you at your convenience. New, better looking and more energy efficient windows are just a phone call away for citizens of Mundelein with Grayslake Window Replacement. Call us today!

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