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     Without question, the most popular window style preferred by homeowners in our area are known as Sliding or Gliding Windows. These horizontally mounted windows feature sashes which slide from side to side. Many houses have an abundance of horizontal wall space but limited vertical wall space. This is the perfect situation in which to install this specific window style. Grayslake Window Replacement can assist you choosing just the right option in Sliding Windows to replace or remodel your existing windows. Because of their versatility and safety features, these windows can be seen on every block in our neighborhoods.

     Consider the following pluses for using the Sliding or Gliding Window:

1) We offer a wide variance of energy saving glass.

2) The structure allows for maintenance free cleaning.

3) Smooth operation of the sliding frames provides for effortless use.

4) Weather stripping and caulking ensure virtually no air flow from the exterior or interior of your home and preserve the comfortable climate of your home.

5) Professionally installed and sealed properly, these windows also limit the number of airborne germs from the exterior.

     Constructed of light-weight aluminum, these windows serve as a practical means to provide maximum outdoor natural light while conserving energy. Likewise, their construction is less expensive than other materials such as wood. When enhanced with specialized glass, these windows serve as a barrier to UV rays and solar heat. An added feature is the sound proof nature of the frame and glass fabrication. Let Grayslake Window Replacement not only make your home more attractive with the use of this window style but also save you money on energy bills.

     Our windows offer more glass and minimize the amount of frame needed. Thus, they are the perfect match for hard to reach areas or larger structural openings. Equipped with specialized locking fittings, these windows offer a higher level of security and safety than many other window options. When fitted with outdoor screens, these Sliding or Gliding Windows will provide the most efficient and practical window treatments for our particular climate.

     Keep in mind these are CUSTOM windows.  Grayslake Window Replacement will measure and advise you on how best to utilize your existing space. Lots of options exist from the color of the frames, the type of glass used as well as the locks and screens preferred.

     Once a plan has been arrived at, our trained craftsmen will guarantee your satisfaction and provide you with a home that not only meets your criteria but saves you money in the long run.

     Our goal is to serve this community and enhance the value of its homes. Anything less would not be acceptable! Grayslake Window Replacement is looking forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations at every level. Please give us a call at (224) 803-3787 and let us provide you with a no-obligation estimate. You have nothing to lose and a beautiful and energy efficient home to gain!