The climate of Grayslake offers the extremes of bone-chilling winter days as well as sweltering summer nights and everything in between. All the more reason to make Grayslake Window Replacement your trusted provider for window replacement service. With a wide variety of offerings from the most efficient vinyl, luxurious wood and solidly constructed storm protection, Grayslake Window Replacement will provide solutions to your window replacement issues.

     The United States Department of Energy studies confirm that most homes in our area experience wind drafts and leaks around windows that are equivalent to leaving a window open to the elements throughout the year. You can put an end to high energy bills by letting Grayslake Window Replacement replace your failing windows with economical, quality guaranteed replacement windows. No one in the industry works harder and smarter to earn your business and to retain your trust.

     We service and replace a wide variety of both residential and commercial windows. Horizontal or vertical sliding windows, decorative windows, single or double pane windows; no matter what the issue, we have expertise to handle it. Whether we are replacing the window or installing a completely different window, Grayslake Window Replacement has the solution for your need.

When do you know you are in need of replacement windows?

· If the inside temperature of your home is effected by the change in outside temperature.

· If your air conditioner or heater never cycles off.

· If you feel an air flow around your windows or frames.

· If your furniture or furnishings show signs of moisture or condensation.

· If the noise from outside your home seems to be increasing.

     If one or more of these conditions exist in your home, it is time to consider our fully guaranteed window replacement service.

Grayslake Window Replacement features the following:

· Our customer satisfaction is guaranteed 100%.

· Our products are “Energy Star” rated.

· Our team of expert craftsmen will custom fit your window designs.

· Our process is streamlined, efficient and will scheduled at your convenience.

     Grayslake Window Replacement will meet and exceed your expectations! We would be happy to add you to our list of satisfied customers and are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

We are standing by to assist you with Window Replacement……

     Grayslake Window Replacement is the preferred provider of replacement windows in our area! With over a decade of experience as a company and multiple decades of experience among our highly qualified professional staff, it is easy to see why our satisfied customers recommend us to their neighbors.

     Like all features of your home, windows require routine maintenance from time to time. The extreme variance in weather conditions we see annually only makes this need greater. In addition to providing greater energy efficiency, replacement windows also serve to increase the “curb appeal” of your home and add to its value.

     No matter the design, scope or materials required for your window replacement, our team of trained and experienced craftsmen will be ready to assist you. We use only the highest quality materials and the latest in energy efficient technology. Our construction process is “hassle free” and will be conducted on a schedule that is most convenient to you. Window replacement not only guarantees you a savings on energy costs but will serve to increase the market value of your home, your greatest financial asset.

     Grayslake Window Replacement has built its reputation on economically priced materials, highly efficient processes, superior quality and 100% customer satisfaction. Whether we are servicing an older home or upgrading a newer one, our expertise in custom design and installation will serve to not only provide needed maintenance but improve the look of your home.

     Whether you are in need of residential or custom window replacements, our highly trained professional staff is looking forward to serving you. Be sure to ask about seasonal special pricing when you call!


     Perhaps the most popular style of windows across the country are Vinyl, in construction. They have a reasonably long life expectancy but will require replacement at some point. There are certainly a wide variety of online tutorials and “do-it-yourself manuals” available regarding the topic of replacing vinyl windows. However, it must be acknowledged that it takes a great deal of expertise and experience to correctly install replacement windows properly. That is where Grayslake Window Replacement will earn your business and exceed your expectations.

     With the availability of raw materials from the “big box stores” for purchase, it is not unusual for a homeowner to take on a vinyl window replacement project. Unfortunately, it is also not unusual for the craftsmen from Grayslake Window Replacement to be called in to rescue the homeowner from a disaster of his own making.

     One particular homeowner found himself in this predicament after spending most of his Saturday “neck deep” in vinyl window parts. His few finished windows did not seem to resemble the ones in the online video or “Windows for Dummies” book and he called on us to restore the value of his windows and his sanity. There are many small projects around a home that require little training or expertise, however, replacing vinyl windows is not one of them.

     A home’s windows are one of the first features noticed from the street. The professional craftsmen of Grayslake Window Replacement will ensure the beauty of your home is enhanced and the value of the energy savings is realized after we have replaced your vinyl windows.

When should you consider replacing your Vinyl Windows?

· If the vinyl windows are damaged, discolored or disfigured by wear.

· If you have recently upgraded the overall look of your house with new siding or paint.

· If the “builder grade” windows are obsolete related to energy savings.

     If you are facing any of the above issues, you need the 100% guaranteed skills of professional installers at work for you. Inexperienced “handy men” often create more work for themselves in the process of unsuccessfully replacing custom manufactured replacement windows. Replacement windows are a valuable investment in your home and should not be taken lightly.

     Grayslake Window Replacement installers are highly trained, certified and professional. They will work efficiently and swiftly to see your needs are met in a timely manner. We will not take any shortcuts but we will not inconvenience your schedule any longer than absolutely necessary.

     Why wait another minute putting up with old, outdated, energy deficient and ugly vinyl windows? Let the team at Grayslake Window Replacement provide the look and energy savings you deserve!


     Grayslake Window Replacement is your “one stop” solution for Vinyl Replacement Windows. Our professional service begins with proper measurement of the existing windows, experienced assessment of the best custom solution, 100% guaranteed replacement of the window and thorough cleaning of the job site for debris. From start to finish, we treat your home and property with the value and respect it deserves. The end result is both an energy efficient and more attractive presentation of your home.

     Grayslake Window Replacement is your “one stop” solution for Vinyl Replacement Windows. Our professional service begins with proper measurement of the existing windows, experienced assessment of the best custom solution, 100% guaranteed replacement of the window and thorough cleaning of the job site for debris. From start to finish, we treat your home and property with the value and respect it deserves. The end result is both an energy efficient and more attractive presentation of your home.

     The overall value of your home is effected by many factors and among them is the aesthetic appeal of your windows. However, most homeowners overlook the opportunity to improve the value of their home by upgrading their windows. Many “builder grade” windows are less energy efficient and appealing than the modern vinyl replacement options. An investment in custom replacement windows will yield many benefits to the discerning homeowner.

What exactly are Vinyl Replacement Windows?

· The modern vinyl replacement window is a technically superior product constructed of a rigid vinyl PVC material which is resistant to impact and combats heat loss and condensation through a series of hollow spaces throughout.

· They come in wide array of colors with complimenting fittings and hardware.

· Painting is never required and the material will not deteriorate like its wood counterpart.

Consider the benefits of Vinyl Replacement Windows:

1) Virtually no maintenance cost.

2) Seals that are weather tight.

3) All styles are “Energy Star” rated for energy efficiency.

4) Lifetime 100% warranty for materials and installation.

5) Modern look and effortless operation.

     If you are seeking to lower your energy bills and upgrade the look and value of your home, let Grayslake Window Replacement assist you in doing so. We earn the highest praise and ratings from our satisfied customers all over your area.  Join your neighbors in allowing us to serve your window needs.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!


     When studying opportunities to make your home more energy efficient you should never overlook your windows. Gaps and cracking in around window frames accounts for the greatest loss of heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. Thankfully, replacement windows are one of the more affordable options to obtaining energy savings for your home. Older, less efficient aluminum or wood framed windows will never provide proper insulation in our extreme climate variations. At Grayslake Window Replacement, we will guide you through the process of not only recouping energy costs but also making your home more appealing.

Should you decide to replace your own windows, please keep the following in mind:

1) The initial measuring of the window space is critical. Making a mistake in this step will affect the entire project. You will want to locate and secure specialized tools and take great care to accurately measure. Our craftsmen are experts in the use of these tools and have the experienced skills to ensure proper measurements.

2) Before replacement windows can be installed, the older windows and frames must be properly and carefully removed. The sliding panels and stationary panels will be removed in this step. There are specific tools that make this job safe and efficient and our highly qualified service representatives are experts in their use.

3) The last step before installation of the replacement windows will require caulking to insure proper insulation. Great care must be taken to apply the correct amount and type of caulking to the sensitive areas. Though this seems like a minor point, it is critical to the integrity of the seal of the windows that the caulking be done properly. Our technicians have the experience and expertise to properly carry this out.

4) Actual installation of the window starts from the inside of the house. The replacement window is put into place and the frame is examined to guarantee a proper fit. Should adjustments be required to provide correct leveling, it is imperative the proper tools are used to do so.

5) Once the window is properly “squared” in the frame, it is fastened into place using metal screws. This is a critical juncture in the installation process because if the screws are misplaced or over-tightened, the frame or glass itself can be damaged. Care is given to properly cover the screw heads with caulking to ensure the window is fully insulated. Again, the expertise required for this point of the installation is not to be taken lightly.

6) Moving to the outside of the home, caulking again is applied to the frame to ensure a proper seal. Additionally, insulation material is applied to the frames themselves.

     Exposure to moisture from the outside elements will be detrimental to not only the replacement window but to the integrity of your outer walls. Great care must be taken to finish the job well.

     At this point, you might be wondering why anyone would consider installing their own replacement windows. We agree. Windows by John has decades of experience in the professional installation of replacement windows. We possess the know-how, specialized tools and experience to make your project a great success. We are waiting by the phone to hear from you and ready to provide you a totally free onsite estimate to meet your needs.


What exactly are Replacement Windows?

     There is a distinction between the installation of a “New Window” and a “Replacement Window” in order to replace outdated or non-functioning older windows. The greatest differences are:

· New Windows are costly while Replacement Windows are cost effective.

· New Windows are difficult to install while Replacement Windows are quickly and efficiently installed by experience professionals.

· New Windows will often not provide greater insulation and the energy savings that the Replacement Windows will.

     Grayslake Window Replacement can assist you in navigating through the choices you have regarding Replacement Windows. It is not always necessary to replace every window at one time. We can provide free consultation regarding the best way to move forward to achieve greater energy savings. The complex job of installing Replacement Windows should only be done by highly trained craftsmen with years of experience. That is exactly what the team of technicians from Grayslake Window Replacement provides every day to homeowners like you all over this area.

Replacement Windows are made of what materials?

     Vinyl is the primary material used for replacement windows, along with sealed glass. This formulation is the most effective option available although highly expensive wooden and metal replacement windows do exist.  Vinyl replacement windows are highly effective energy saving treatments and never require painting.

     Generally speaking, there are two styles of replacement windows:

1) The “Z-bar” also known as the “flush fin” covers the space between the interior of the existing frame and the outside of the replacement window. No deconstruction to the outer or inner walls is needed for its use.

2) The “Block Frame” is most often used where wood windows are to be replaced and the outside of the structure is brick, stone or siding. Generally, the wooden frame remains in place but it must be in good condition to do so.

     Grayslake Window Replacement knows the difference between a good option and the best option for your home. We are looking forward to hearing from you today!


     Grayslake Window Replacement is the leading provider of replacement windows in your area. Many of your neighbors have seen tremendous savings on energy costs and an increase of the overall value of their home. Like all features of your house, over time your windows are subject to weathering and at some point will require replacement. Whether prematurely damaged or just as a result of age, it is not unusual to replace windows several times in the life span of a house.

     Grayslake Window Replacement has worked hard to develop the type of reputation in the industry that others envy. Our highly qualified, experienced craftsmen have decades of service in the window replacement field. In addition to offering a wide variety of window types, styles, designs and materials we also can structure a solution for your needs that fits your budget. Our expertise in this area allows us to custom design a strategy that will meet your needs as well as your pocketbook. Rather than approaching your needs with a “cookie cutter” solution, we will work alongside you to determine the best course of action to achieve the optimum results.

     With the rising costs of energy facing our community at every level, it is wise to keep in mind that replacement windows perform above “Energy Star” standards in most cases. The money you realize in energy savings will offset the cost of installation over the first few years of their placement.

     Grayslake Window Replacement features a wide variety of replacement windows and we invite you to consider the best option for your specific needs. Our experienced technicians can advise and guide you through the selection process and our craftsmen will help you realize your ultimate goals in replacing your windows. Please consider contacting us at your convenience and let our professional staff walk you through the process of saving on energy costs and enhancing the beauty of your home. We offer free inspections and estimates and are looking forward to speaking with you soon!


Save Money while Enhancing the Beauty of your home!

     Grayslake Window Replacement features the latest in window technology and advancements. Gone are the days when windows simply kept the rain out! Today’s energy efficient windows go far beyond their predecessors when it comes to preserving the value of your home, your most valuable asset.

     Grayslake Window Replacement features the latest in window technology and advancements. Gone are the days when windows simply kept the rain out! Today’s energy efficient windows go far beyond their predecessors when it comes to preserving the value of your home, your most valuable asset.

     The wide variety of window solutions provide for even more options when it comes to affordability. There is an option for any budget and schedule. The savings provided as it relates to energy costs will far outpace the cost for installation and since replacement windows are maintenance free, ongoing costs are virtually non-existent.

     The science behind these energy saving windows is extraordinary. The glass panels are specifically designed in such a way as to prevent ultra-violet rays from penetrating their surface while allowing sunlight to flow through unrestricted. They also restrict the amount of heat from sunlight from overwhelming the controlled temperature of the interior of the home. Additionally, in cold weather they prevent heat from escaping to the outside. The result allows both air conditioning and heating systems to retain their temperature controls and reduce the amount of time they require a full electrical load. For the consumer, this translates into dramatically reduced energy bills and lessens the cost of maintenance and replacement of heating and cooling systems.

     Let Grayslake Window Replacement provide a free estimate and cost analysis as you consider replacing your windows. Please ask about seasonal specials when you speak with our staff. We are looking forward to speaking with you in the days ahead!

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