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     Few things are more inviting from the outside of a home than a large Picture Window. It “introduces” the visitor to the warmth of your home and is an “invitation” to join in. Likewise, a Picture Window provides a literal “view of the world” for the inhabitants of the home and welcomes in the beauty of the landscape surrounding the home. It figuratively serves as a “picture frame” and provides an ever-changing work of art for your enjoyment.

     Whether you are in the midst of new construction or looking to remodel an existing home, consider a Picture Window as a feature that will be pleasing to those on both sides of the glass. Our Picture Windows are constructed of “Low-E glass” which works to conserve energy from both sides of the window. Additionally, our Picture Windows are fabricated from durable rigid vinyl material and are 100% guaranteed not to blister or corrode in order provide a lifetime of enjoyment and use.

     Picture Windows are static in nature and do not open. The largest advantage to this comes in the form of energy efficiency. There are no gaps between the frame and structure to let heat or cool escape or enter. You get the blessing of viewing the outside world without having to deal with the prevailing temperatures. Another advantage to the use of Picture Windows is related to the interior window treatments that are made possible. Given their larger than standard size, the homeowner has the opportunity to accent the area with endless option of curtains, blinds and draperies. Of course, the added benefit to doing so provides the element of privacy and security as well.

     Many homeowners spend thousands of dollars on landscaping their yards. Picture Windows allow those dollars to be appreciated 365 days a year; rain, snow or shine. If you have spent a large portion of your budget on beautifying your lawn, you might as well enjoy it!

     Grayslake Window Replacement not only has the expertise to advise and install large Picture Windows but we also are experts in their removal and replacement. If you currently have a Picture Window and want to change the “curb appeal” of your home, we can safely remove this large window and replace it with a variety of options that recognize and enhance your current structure. Great care must be taken in the removal of such large windows in order to preserve the integrity of the outer walls. Our technicians have years of experience in both the installation and removal of Picture Windows and you are in good hands when you call on our team.

     We are standing by at Grayslake Window Replacement to partner with you in providing a more beautiful and durable option for your window needs. Please inquire about seasonal pricing specials that will save you money in both materials and installation. Our staff will walk you through the “worry free process” and provide a final product that will be appreciated and valued for decades. Our craftsmen will take great care to preserve and enhance the value of your home.

     Call us today and let us provide a completely free, no obligation estimate!