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     Periodic service and maintenance proves to save consumers thousands of dollars each year when it comes to their automobiles. Wise owners make sure their second most expensive purchase is taken care of. Why wouldn’t those same conscientious owners ensure their MOST EXPENSIVE PURCHASE is just as thoughtfully maintained? Your home is your most valuable financial asset and needs attention periodically. Your windows are an integral part of the security and value of your home. When it comes to energy efficiency, windows are the primary source of either significant savings or catastrophic loss.

     At Grayslake Window Replacement we offer “no cost, no obligation” service visits in order to provide you with a comprehensive study and inspection of your windows. Catching an issue before it becomes a problem will save you major installation costs down the road. A typical service visit consists of:

1) Outdoor inspection of seals and weatherproofing around all windows

2) Outdoor visual scan for signs of blistering or corrosion on frames

3) Indoor inspection of windows focusing on energy efficiency

4) Indoor inspection of glass for hairline cracks

5) Comprehensive assessment of overall window system functions

6) Written “no cost, no obligation” estimate for any work we suggest

     Our experienced and certified window professionals will help you assess what is a critical need that requires timely attention and what can be attended to at a later date. Either way, we will move forward with replacements only with your permission and at your convenience. Periodic onsite service visits create the opportunity for scheduled maintenance to be performed not only when it is most convenient for you but also allows for you to take advantage of seasonal pricing specials. Advanced planning saves you money!

     Take a look at your calendar and gives us a call. We will respond in a timely manner and schedule your onsite service visit right away. Our customer service representatives are standing by to assist you!