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     Throughout the United States, in neighborhood after neighborhood, on street after street, the most visible style of window seen is of the Double Hung Window variety. Their ease of installation and their “worry free” maintenance makes them popular among home builders and renovation experts. They are known for providing excellent ventilation and brightening the interior of the home with superior natural lighting. Used in virtually any room configuration, these versatile windows are readily used in both residential and commercial settings.

What exactly is a Double Hung Window?

     Two sashes are installed in each single frame of a Double Hung Window, one sash above the other. Separate and distinct guides allow the two vertical sashes to open either toward the inside of the house or toward the outside. Enhanced opportunities for a panoramic view of the outside are achieved if the sashes are moved and provide for a seemingly larger floor space.

     Are you looking for an inexpensive option for new window treatments? If so, let Grayslake Window Replacement show you what savings Double Hung Windows can provide for your consideration. One of the most reasonably priced window options, they also provide a wide variety of manufacturing options including materials, frames and sashes.

     With the wide range of weather conditions in the Chicago area, the durability of Double Hung Windows is a fantastic feature. Additionally, they come in a variety of colors and materials, all of which will save you money on energy costs and provide greater interior lighting. Their durable construction also means a higher level of security for your home as well as a many years of use.

    Grayslake Window Replacement has spent decades providing high quality Double Hung Windows to homes all over our area. You will notice these beautiful windows are perfectly matched to the architectural features of each home and given the opportunity, you will discover a variety of frame colors enhance the unique interior as well. What you cannot tell from just observing, the energy costs of the homeowner has been reduced and these windows will last for decades.

     We are standing by at Grayslake Window Replacement to assist you in beautifying your home. We will exceed your expectations at every segment of the process. Be sure to ask about seasonal specials we offer periodically. A free estimate is the first step of the process. Call us at your convenience!