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     Beautiful and energy efficient windows can become the highlight of your home! Windows are one of the first features people notice when they approach your home and become a focal point once they are inside. The right window with the right features will transform your home into the valuable asset it is intended to be. Take a dark corner of any room and with the correct window treatment, transform it into an attractive and welcoming area. No matter what the state or age of your home, customized windows by our highly trained professionals will provide an affordable upgrade.

How would your home benefit from Custom Windows?

1) Set your home apart from every other house on the block.

2) Windows specifically created for your home construction will provide greater security.

3) Trained craftsmen will guarantee proper installation and energy savings.

4) Enhanced security is a much appreciated bi-product of properly installed custom windows.

     At Grayslake Window Replacement we recognize your home presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities when it comes to creating Custom Windows for you. That is why our decades of experience are critical to the successful transformation of your home to be a more inviting, beautiful and energy efficient resource.

What are the outstanding features of our Custom Windows?

     Every home has a unique architectural footprint and we recognize your custom windows need to complement the rest of your design. The correct custom window will highlight the best areas of your home, inside and out, as well as transform problem areas that fail to enhance the value of your home. In addition to the energy savings you will realize, you will also discover greater access to natural light and ventilation.

     At Grayslake Window Replacement we are a “one stop shop” for your window needs. Our professional customer service personnel will begin the process and set the stage for our highly experienced estimators who will provide a no-cost estimate for your consideration. Next, our trained craftsmen will walk you through the installation steps prior to commencing work and then review the features of your installed windows. You will not find another window company in our area that can boast the kind of service and guarantees we provide on a daily basis. We are waiting by the phone to assist you in transforming your home through the use of Custom Windows!