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     Sometimes referred to as “Crank Windows,” one of most popular windows in our part of the country are more properly called “Casement Windows.” There are virtually hundreds of design options for Casement Windows and their versatility is part of their attraction. This style of window is fixed vertically to the frame of the window and can swing toward the inside or outside, depending on the position of the hinge. The hinge also provides a sturdy attachment to the window frame that provides for structural integrity and security.

     These windows are opened with the assistance of a “crank” or handle, hence the informal name. In the majority of cases, home owners prefer the window by opened to the outside but the mechanism can swing either way. Regardless, our trained professionals will install your Casement Windows to your specifications. Their ease of use is appealing because heavy slides are not required.

     Let me introduce a new term to you…. “Muntins.” The dividers between window panels is called a “Muntin.” Fewer muntins are required, sometimes none at all, for Casement Windows. This makes a difference in that the panorama of the outside view is greater with fewer distractions. A huge selling point for the Casement Window is that you can actually totally eliminate the need for muntins by locking the window panes into one another. This provides a totally unimpeded view of the outside. Additionally, the versatility of these windows will allow for greater ventilation and air flow, unmatched by other styles.

     Are you looking for enhanced security at home or at the office? Let Grayslake Window Replacement provide a free estimate for Casement Windows. Because the locks are a part of the frames themselves, they are resistant to tampering and damage from the outside.

     Grayslake Window Replacement should be your one and only spot for a wide variety of Casement Windows, custom fashioned for your home. Whether you choose a frame fashioned in vinyl, steel, aluminum or even wood, you can choose them from a wide variety of colors. Another design feature for Casement Windows is a vast array of decorative pieces that can be added to the frames. Auto controls can be added that allow for closing and opening and provide even greater energy savings.

     Give us a call and ask our customer service professionals more about Casement Windows! We will provide a free onsite estimate and discuss the many options Grayslake Window Replacement can offer you. Our 100% guarantee is backed by our decades of experience by some of the most skilled craftsmen in the industry. Let us help you save money on your energy bills, beautify your home and increase the value of your most important financial asset….your home.