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     Possibly the most popular decorative and functional window style we offer at Grayslake Window Replacement is the “Bay & Bow” configuration. This 3D application provides for additional floor space in any room and serves to “open up” the area significantly. The Bow window provides for a “smoother” more rounded or curved version of the Bay window. Both require an expert installer and specialized tools in order to successfully realize the intended effect. Additionally, the existing wall construction must be congruent with the proposed windows.

     Typically, a Bay window is configured with a fixed center window with two side windows that can be opened. The side windows are generally set at an angle and when open, project the windows outward. In contrast, the Bow window generally forms an arch by using at least four window panels. Requiring a higher level expertise and cost, the Bow window absolutely must be installed by a highly qualified craftsman in order to achieve its intended goal.

     If one of your goals is to provide additional outside light and air flow, Bay and Bow windows were designed to provide just that. Additionally, they beautify the structure of your home while providing additional floor space. An excellent complement to French windows or doors, the Bay & Bow window can complete the spacious and ornamental look you are striving for.

     Ask any Realtor….properly installed and decorated Bay & Bow windows will drive up the value of your home! They give the appearance of greater space to a room that otherwise might appear to be cramped and cluttered. Their curb appeal is worth the slightly higher expense of installation over conventional windows. Constructed with the same energy saving elements as other replacement windows, the Bay & Bow window will not only reduce your utility bills but will provide greater ventilation and natural light to any area. At Grayslake Window Replacement we can show you exactly how these windows will enhance your home.

     What else do you need to know about Bay & Bow windows? We are standing by to answer your questions and provide you with a free estimate. Our expert craftsmen will exceed your expectations!

     Call us today at Grayslake Window Replacement and let us start the process of beautifying your home with Bay or Bow windows. You will not be disappointed!