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     When you think of replacement window specialists, Grayslake Window Replacement of Grayslake, should come to mind. Known for our superior customer service, many of our installers have over 20 years of certified quality experience in the field. Manufactured at the highest standards, our replacement windows are defined by more than just the materials that make them. They illustrate the latest advancement in high-tech science, they enhance both the beauty and comfort of your home and….they save you money on the high-cost of energy.

     One of the most cost efficient means of saving money on energy bills is the use of replacement windows. Our system not only reduces your overall energy costs but installation is also quick and money-saving. We remove only the window panes and sash rather than removing the entire window. Keeping the frames intact allows us to attach the replacement window directly to the frame. Our replacement windows are slightly smaller than the standard window but will outperform them at every level.

     How do you know when it is time for a Replacement Window?

     While monitoring your monthly energy expenses, if you notice a marked increase in cost, the culprit is likely a gap in your window insulation. When you inspect the window itself, you often will discover a crack or space that is allowing air to flow freely in and out of your window. If the window feels cold to the touch, this indicates a definite need for replacement. Additionally, as windows age it becomes more cost efficient to replace them rather than to repair them. At this point, the specialized care and training of a professional installer is needed. Improper installation of a replacement window will only compound the issue.

     Why should you consider installing Replacement Windows in your home?

  •  You enhance the beauty and comfort of your home.
  • You realize a 10% savings on the high cost of energy for your home.
  • You discover reduced noise levels from the outside of your home.

     Grayslake Window Replacement has enjoyed over 10 years of service in the replacement window industry. We offer a free inspection of your home and will provide you a written estimate of the cost. We welcome our customers to compare our service and prices with other providers and we are willing to match their offers when describing comparable service. Once we have agreed to move forward with the installation process and have arrived at a time frame that works for you, we will work to keep the construction inconvenience to a minimum.

Our motto…. We Deliver on Our Promise!

     You have our assurance we will provide the highest quality replacement window for your home. Our job is not complete until we have met and exceeded your expectations.

     The highly-trained, professional staff of Grayslake Window Replacement is poised and ready to make your experience a pleasant one. We value the opportunity to serve you and will carefully walk you through the entire process to completion.

     We are here to serve you wherever you are in Lake County:

     Please ask our staff about special pricing!

     We frequently offer reduced rates on materials and labor in order to provide our customers with the highest value available in the industry. Please call us at (224) 803-3787 or fill out the "Free Instant Estimate Form" on this page.

     We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!